Every Politician Must Go Blog

April 26, 2008

wednesday, 16 april 2008



Meet The Political Bloggers 
and the Post-Pandemonium Bloggers 

“Our research shows that 70% of the election results were influenced by information in the blogs, the blogs currently had a wide reach considering how many Internet users visited these sites everyday. ” Dr Abu Hassan Hasbullah, Media Department Lecturer Of Universiti Malaya. 

” You mean they won because of the bloggers? You can`t be serious? ,” says Pak Lah.

It is interesting to know that one of the reasons for the catastrophe performance losing five strong states to the Pakatan Rakyat team is via the internet – Bloggers. At the moment most politician or future wanabe politician is rushing to take up crash courses on how to create own blog. 

The saying goes during the cowboys era ” Have gun will travel ” but now in the millenium era it will be change into “Have Blog will Travel “. A must have survival kit for politicians.

A number of survivors from the March 8 devastation performance must have evolved into bloggers. They birate and bite the dust as you would expect of a blogger. But unlike ordinary bloggers, their most of their online profiles are crafted like blowing own trumpet curriculum vitae. Maybe to please some quarters for year end election.
Bloggers from the Pakatan Rakyat has got into this blogging very much earlier when everybody thinks that blogging are for loosers. Well, it is an alternative media and its cheap and you can read all sorts of opinions from this alternative media.

We are matured enough to differentiate between black , white,yellowgreen, blue and red. Readers are not color blind. Do me a favour, just click, read their blogspot and email your comments to me. Happy surfing.


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